Lighting Manager

Lighting Manager

About the role

Lighting technicians work across all types of programmes and may cover productions inside studios or outside on location. The lighting team’s work is crucial, as lighting creates the right atmosphere to set a scene and evoke an audience’s response.

You’ll usually work in a team, as our technicians generally have to carry out heavy lifting and may need to work at heights to correctly position the lighting. While setting up lights, changing them over during production and running cables, you must always be conscious of health and safety requirements.

The work demands high-level technical and creative skills to follow instructions that ensure the desired production lighting is achieved.

Skills and experience

Roles and Responsibilities

All application enquiries to go via, please provide a recent copy of your CV, contact details and any supporting documentation. If we agree to proceed with your application a member of the recruitment team will contact you to discuss the position in more detail.

The minimum investment is £5,000, the maximum allowed under the Enterprise Investment Scheme is £1,000,000.