Where do you invest during Covid?

Where do you invest during Covid?

Corona Virus

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, Investors globally are struggling to find value in traditional investment mechanisms. Long and short-term investments that looked secure at the beginning of the year, are virtually unrecognisable due to the scale of the losses today. Property, Bonds, Blue Chip Corporate Stocks and Equities have seen some huge losses, and investor attention has naturally focused on other areas to provide returns for the new decade.

One sector currently enjoying a boom in growth is online streaming services, who have seen record increases in users and viewing figures. Netflix alone recently revealed that they added 16 million new users in Q1 of 2020 (double the number they had forecast, and with Amazon, Apple and Disney also growing, as well as new streaming services jumping into the space, we believe this sector is one of the few success stories of 2020 that investors can benefit from.

Films4U is the content production arm for a 30 year established Media conglomerate including the UK’s largest Independent Film Distribution Company. The group has over 100 years industry experience across over 500 films with budgets of over £6bn to date.

It is this experience and position in the malret which means Films4U are ideally positioned to benefit from this growth and have experienced over 200% increase in revenue for Q1 of 2020, offering investors a total 60% ROI, comprising a blend of HMRC backed EIS tax credits of 30%, and returns on capital of 30% over 3 years, free of Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax.

The Films4U team are currently offering investors a chance to invest through The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS), which is a series of UK tax reliefs launched in 1994 as a successor to the Business Expansion Scheme.  It is designed to encourage investments in small unquoted companies carrying on a qualifying trade in the UK. It allows you to benefit from a 30% tax refund against this or last year’s tax bill, offering an immediate profit. As well as all gains being exempt from Inheritance and Capital gains tax.

Are Film Investments all Risky?

Film production has historically carried a high risk stigma, with many film production companies never finding a distribution partner to sell the film once it has been produced. Due to it high risk nature, film production qualifies for the Enterprise Investment Scheme.

However, Films 4U are uniquely placed to de risk your investment in Film production, by having guaranteed distribution channels in place with key partners such as Apple, Sky, Netflix and Amazon, who underwrite the investment without reducing the generous 30% credit from HMRC against your tax bill.

Any Films4U investor return is driven by an income stream from our key partners, who are the companies growing rapidly in this pandemic – Netflix, Apple, Amazon, Sky etc. This significantly reduces the risk of your investment without reducing the Net ROI of 60% by end of term.

Covid 19 has been a tragedy on a scale rarely experienced before. Films4U offer 30 year track record of delivering investors a de risked, high rate of return, in one of the few growth sectors at this time. Your investment will not only benefit from Income streams from some of the largest companies in the world but will also play a part in the economic recovery, creating jobs and as such, help re start the economy

For more information on how to grow your capital you can visit our website www.films4uinternational.com or contact us on 08082 750 904 or via email at info@films4uinternational.


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